“By pursuing the highest caliber of safety, quality and traceability in our food production processes, we hope our commitment and leadership raises the industry standard for other companies in our category.” To aid in preparation for market entry and regulatory compliance, BlueNalu evaluated a number of top quality management solutions and selected TraceGains , a global leader in compliance, quality, and innovation software for food, beverage, and supplement companies. Their highly configurable system will streamline and strengthen BlueNalu’s regulatory compliance, allowing for quality control and safety data collection and review in a comprehensive electronic database while providing real-time insight into plant floor and quality operations. The adoption of TraceGains also represents BlueNalu’s shift from pharmaceutical-grade to food-grade sourcing of food-safe components – an important step towards cost reduction that the company anticipates will help it achieve price parity for its cell-cultured seafood products. Elements of BlueNalu’s current quality systems framework include the following: Food Safety Culture: BlueNalu has expanded its Quality Assurance department and is fostering a strong food safety culture through structured trainings and assessments with measurable objectives and progressive goals. Quality Assurance Systems: BlueNalu has developed a watch this video robust quality assurance system based on GFSI benchmarking requirements. The programs include strong supplier quality management, validation master planning, prerequisite programs, and a comprehensive food safety plan combined with a seafood Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan. Advanced Quality Control: The company is developing state of the art methods to verify the quality and safety of cell-cultured seafood. Testing will include traditional test methods as well as novel techniques to continuously evaluate the materials, processes and final product to ensure conformance to specifications, bioprocess control, and food safety. Tools and Analytics: Our documentation and traceability policies are designed to ensure materials, equipment and processes meet the highest possible standard. To facilitate compliance with regulatory and third-party certification requirements, BlueNalu will implement sophisticated software systems, including TraceGains, to monitor supplier performance, track and trend process data, manage documentation and training, and drive continuous improvement. Certifications and Claims: The company plans to pursue premier third-party certifications, like SQF, that are voluntary and recognized internationally by GFSI. The company also expects to seek additional third-party certifications to verify claims related to safety, sustainability and health. The company plans to launch its cell-cultured mahi mahi, bluefin tuna and other species through small-scale market testing that will be produced at its nearly 40,000 sq. ft. pilot-scale food production facility in San Diego, and plans to break ground on its first large-scale, regional production facility in the next few years. Both the pilot-scale and large-scale production facilities will meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines and comply with domestic regulatory requirements for food production, enabling process optimization and product commercialization. To learn more about BlueNalu, please visit www.BlueNalu.com .


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Industrial era exponential rise in the use of primary and derived physical resources: cropland (a), fossil fuels (b), freshwater (c), metals (d), plastic (e). Credit: Our World in Data (CC BY-SA 3.0 AU) Technological innovation and efficiency improvements are often cited as pathways to decouple growth in material use from economic growth. While technology undoubtedly has a crucial role to play in the transition to a sustainable world, it is constrained by fundamental physical principles and pragmatic economic considerations.  Examples abound. The engine efficiency of airplanes has improved little for decades since they have long been operating close to their theoretical peak efficiency . Likewise, there is a hard limit on the efficiency of photovoltaic cells of about 35 percent because of the physical properties of the semiconductors that constitute them; in practice few exceed 20 percent for economic and pragmatic reasons. The power generation of large wind farms is limited to about one watt per square meter as a simple yet utterly unavoidable physical consequence of wake effects. The awesome exponential increase in computing power of the past five decades will end by about 2025 since it is physically impossible to make the transistors on the computer chip, already roughly 5 percent of the size of the coronavirus, much smaller. Whether it is principles of classical, quantum or solid state physics or thermodynamics, each places different but inexorable constraints on technological solutions. Basically, physical principles that have allowed incredible technological leaps over the past century also inevitably limit them. We might consider that extensive recycling of materials would offset efficiency limits. Recycling is crucial; however, while glass and metals can be recycled almost indefinitely without loss of quality, materials such as paper and plastic can be recycled only a few times before becoming too degraded. Additionally, recycling itself may be an energy- and materials-intensive process. Even if physical laws could be broken (they cannot) to achieve recycling with 100 percent efficiency, added demand from the imperative for economic growth would necessarily require virgin materials. The key point is that efficiency is limited by physics, but there is no sufficiency limit on the socioeconomic construct of “demand.” Unfortunately, the situation is even more dire. Economic growth is required to be exponential; that is, the size of the economy must double in a fixed period. As referenced earlier, this has driven a corresponding increase in the material footprint.