Adarsh Somani To get featured in this section or to know more, please write to assist@bsmail.in Guide for a healthy lifestyle by Adarsh Somani Covid: Wait to workout ends as gyms, yoga centres reopen in Delhi Being a fitness freak is very different from being a health freak. According to Adarsh Somani, fitness is a part of health where we regularly exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Following a healthy lifestyle involves sleeping early, rising early, rebooting yourself by offering prayers, meditation/pranayama, reading something spiritual, and starting your day with positivity and zest. Exercising involves a mix of strength, cardio, endurance, flexibility, and agility. We can achieve this only if we have a mix of weight training, yoga, and some sort of endurance sport. Taking adequate rest and massages is important for your body to recover. Eating a balanced meal of proteins, carbs, fibers is what Adarsh Somani suggests for a healthy lifestyle. You can consider yourself a fitness freak browse around this web-site if you drink and smoke, but you can’t call yourself a health freak. Being healthy comes from your cellular health and hormonal balance. In order to be healthy, one must have adequate sleep and water. Our body is roughly 70% water. All organs need water for proper functioning. Inadequate hydration can lead to serious illness, on the other hand, sleep is the best form of recovery. Many forms of illness stem from your gut, so according to Adarsh Somani, it’s important to keep your gut health right and strong by fasting for at least 10 to 12 hours. Avoid/ Junk food/ Fast food/ Packaged foods. Sometimes we do get too obsessed with our weight, not realizing that muscles are heavier than fat, so instead of dropping your weight, work on dropping your fat percentage. After any illness for example after few days of suffering from a viral, you drop a few kilos and you are very happy about it, please understand that you have not lost fat, you have lost muscles, which is losing good weight and retaining bad weight.


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Some governments are dealing with the problem. Israel and the Gulf states rely on desalination plants, which can run on solar power and produce a cubic metre of freshwater (enough for 3,000 small water bottles) for as little as 50 cents. But many governments are making things worse. Protesters blame mismanagement and corruption for much of the misery. “The water sector is disintegrating,” says Hassan al-Janabi, a former water minister in Iraq. “There will be an explosion.” Agriculture accounts for the overwhelming share of freshwater taken from ground or surface water sources globally (about 70%), says the World Bank. The proportion is even higher in the Middle East and north Africa (about 80%). Crops depend entirely on irrigation in the arid region and officials say that supporting agriculture stems rural migration and reduces the need to use hard currency for food imports. So Egypt, for example, allows its farmers to take water from the Nile for nothing but the cost of pumping it. Such subsidies have long encouraged farmers in the region to waste water on a massive scale. Still, leaders like to use cheap water as a way to buy support or further their own interests. The regime in Jordan, one of the world’s driest countries, uses it to mollify farmers from powerful tribes in the Jordan valley. In Iran the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps rerouted a river to cool its steel mills in Isfahan. A former president, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, is even said to have built a dam to water his pistachio crop. The protests in Iran have occurred in Khuzestan, home to most of the country’s Arabs. Much of Iran’s fresh water used to flow through the province.