The new memorial at the state fairgrounds will include a centerpiece featuring a bronze sculpture of shovels, hard hats and boots on a platform surrounded by four bronze traffic cones and a dedication plaque. "DOT employees are members of our family, and they risk their lives daily," explained Marie Therese Dominguez, commissioner of the NYSDOT. "We are forever grateful to the women and men who construct, operate and maintain our roadways and this new memorial is a lasting tribute to the many highway and transportation workers who died protecting the public while keeping our roads and bridges safe. More than that, it represents an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people who visit the fairgrounds — making them aware that their failure to pay attention while driving has real life and death consequences. "It cannot be said enough: when you're driving, especially through a highway work zone, put down your phone, keep your eyes on the road, slow down and please, pay attention," she added. "People's lives depend on you and your actions." Her thoughts were echoed by Thruway Authority Executive Director Matthew J. Driscoll when he said, "We will forever remember and honor our highway workers who sacrificed their lives while doing their jobs for the betterment and safety of all drivers. This new memorial is a stark reminder article source of the dangers our roadside workers face every day. I encourage all fairgoers to visit this memorial and pause to remember the sacrifices these men and women have made." The governor's press release noted that NYSDOT works year-round to enhance safety for its workforce. Portable rumble strips that precede work zones and prevent distracted driving are being utilized in every part of the state for maintenance and contractor project work zones to better protect flaggers and workers. Cameras also are being deployed in those areas to better protect transportation workers. For its part, the Thruway Authority in 2021 is deploying more than a dozen new trucks throughout its four maintenance divisions across the state featuring enhanced technology — all focused directly on improving work zone safety. These vehicles include large radar board displays that alert motorists of the work zone speed limit compared to their approach speed, directional arrows, traffic attenuators and wider reinforced man buckets with swing gates to allow for easier and safer deployment or removal of cones and barrels. "The New York State Police are committed to keeping our roadways safe for those who travel them, and for those who work on them," said NYSP Superintendent Kevin P. Bruen. "Through education and enforcement campaigns like Operation Hardhat, we are working to ensure our highway workers are able to go home to their families at the end of the workday and protect motorists as well. Drivers should follow the rules of the road, including work zone speed limits and move over when they see flashing lights. The choices you make behind the wheel can have serious, even deadly consequences. Make the right choice." Ron Deming, a Thruway Authority maintenance employee, was fatally injured while assisting in the recovery of a passenger car along the shoulder of Interstate 90 in 2016. Almost five years later, his wife, Sally Deming, continues to be outspoken about the importance of the Move Over law and the impacts work zone incidents can have on workers' families. "It's been nearly five years since Ron's death," she said in the press release from the governor's office.


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